Robert Sipper, President

“You can’t sell if you’re not on the shelf. While new and growing brands face many challenges, gaining and holding distribution are among the most important. We can help.”

Bob Sipper

BOB SIPPER has established and managed successful broker and distribution networks for emerging brands for over 20 years. He is a leading category authority on how to secure distribution, how to select and/or assemble the right distribution channels and networks, and how to prepare winning presentations to distributors and retailers.

While serving as Senior Vice-President/COO of Mootch & Muck, a metro New York beverage and specialty food distributor, Bob established and managed distribution for Evian in the New York metro area. At over 1-million cases and $18 million in sales, Evian’s New York distribution was the centerpiece of the brand’s successful expansion into the US. Bob later acquired two micro-brew beers and an applesauce company, built the right distribution models that generated robust sales, and then sold the trio at a significant gain.

Bob is expert in and has uniquely strong relationships with key players in all classes of trade, including supermarket, natural, gourmet/specialty, mass drug and co-op. He builds targeted distribution networks within a given channel and sometimes spanning multiple channels – in order to get your brand reliable, consistent, cost effective distribution.

Bob joined Mootch & Muck after practicing law for 10 years (partner for 8 years), specializing in litigation and business law. He managed a successful IPO, a secondary offering, and has raised capital for nearly all of the companies he has served.