Sales & Distribution Customized For Your Brand

Rely on our expert sales management services or outsource your entire sales function to us. We work with over two-dozen brokers nationally that have over 500 salespeople selling every day. We collaborate with our brokers, joining them on key account calls and providing them with proven sales and promotional tools.

  • Approach: We set achievable sales goals and then recommend the right channels, territories, brokers, distributors and retailers. We work with you to develop a budget and then oversee that budget, making ongoing improvements & recommendations.
  • Expertise: We deeply understand the trade buyer mindset. We have strong relationships with key buyers and distributors nationwide. Our proven expertise and relationships help your brand get on the shelf faster, for less money.
  • Accounts: We work with major chain accounts yet also understand how important specialty accounts can be for a developing brand. We work with large stores as well as smaller, more prestigious stores that can help your brand make a statement. And we work closely with natural, specialty, and DSD distributors across the country.
  • Execution: We execute ruthlessly at street level, working closely with key accounts, brokers, retailers, and in many cases making the sales calls. This ensures your brand has consistent and easily visible placement on the retail shelf, where the battle is fought and won, and that you’re first to know and take advantage of any promising retailer-specific merchandising or co-promotion opportunities.